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Retail declare 2010-error for fixed


The software update is apparently succeeded: According to the trade association to accept the debit terminals at retail again all cash cards. Due to a technical error can withdraw tens of thousands people had neither money nor time to time to pay cash.

Berlin – In the retail sector will see all EC-cards accepted. The payment terminals were reprogrammed, said the trade association (HDE) on Friday in Berlin. Now the EC faulty cards could be read back. Problems, it should now be only in exceptional cases.

Furthermore, the HDE reported that many customers may also pay by debit / direct debit – so with a debit card and signature -. This has been taken to ensure that the problems by the year 2010 bug could be limited.

At the same time the industry association pointed out that the electronic debit is an indispensable means of payment. Against the backdrop of the recent breakdown of trade would therefore continue to adhere to this procedure. HDE urged the banks to accept the old direct debit, despite the so-called new favorite SEPA direct debit and not to hinder it.

The German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) has been affected cardholders to compensate for the technical mishap. "Savings banks and regional banks will replace fees that are incurred by the fact that they had to resort to other means of payment," said Association President Heinrich Haasis in a statement on Friday. "Even if the error is responsible for an external programming house, customers can expect savings banks and regional banks that they have an error-free performance is made available."

The public banks are suffering most from the 2010-problem – and there are still conflicting information on the extent of the problem is fixed. Haasis pointed out that withdrawing money from now on all 25,700 machines of the Savings Banks Finance Group was again unrestricted. Full functionality to all distributors terminals will be achieved no later than next Monday. "But we expect that it will come at the weekend in the trade can hardly be limitations."

As the first of the five grouped in the Central Credit Committee (ZKA) leading associations of the banking industry had announced on Thursday that the DSGV address the year 2010 bug. This will be an exchange of the relevant EC and credit cards from customers waived. Instead, the failure of a software update should be addressed.

30 million affected Cards

The DSGV will still publish this week a concrete timetable for action and recommendations for clients. By not using an exchange of cards whose functioning would be made much faster. In addition, customers can now remember their PIN.

Affected by the action were credit cards, which have been issued containing a chip and before March 2009. Exclude the case of the cash cards could DSGV that after June 2009 issued cards were affected. In the area of the DSGV approximately 20 million EC have approximately 3.5 million cards and credit cards on the error.

Overall, the programming error of some 30 million of the more than 100 million issued in Germany, bank and credit cards affected. Among the private banks are 2.5 million cards, with the four million people and Raiffeisen banks.

To fix the error, the other four leading associations examined in ZKA currently reconfiguring the affected chips. However, should the conditions for an update of the software are still created, it was said by the ZKA. A spokesman for the private banks, said a replacement of the faulty cards could not be excluded.