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Riester pension at no more alliance – daughter


Allianz-Logo auf dem Dach der Firmenzentrale in Unterföhring: Allianz GI ist künftig die einzige große Fondsgesellschaft in Deutschland ohne staatlich geförderte Produkte für die private Altersvorsorge.  Quelle: dpa

Allianz Logo on the roof of the headquarters in Unterföhring : Allianz GI is now the only major fund company in Germany without a government- funded products for private pensions. Source: AP

FRANKFURT. The AllianceAllianz Global Investors Fund daughter (Alliance GI ) of 1 November on any new contracts for state-sponsored pension plans for Riester and Rürup more to offer . "The number of contracts has not met our expectations . We have made a business decision , "said a spokesman for the Alliance GI. The existence of the Alliance GI there has been one small five-digit number on Riester fund contracts and one -digit number to Rürup contracts.

Existing contracts under the name cominvest " Riester incentive depot " and " Allianz fund basic pension "can , according to Alliance GI will continue. New contracts of the Group , customers can continue only as insurance in the mother Alliance . get

Alliance GI is the future so the only big fund company in Germany without the government-supported products for private pensions. Industry experts see in particular the distribution structure for Alliance GI and the compensation of sales as a reason for the limited sales of the products. Since the sale of Dresdner Bank to Commerzbank has Alliance GI no in-house bank sales more. Insurance agents sold insurance companies prefer that you should invest more attractive commissions as fund products , says an expert fund .

When Alliance GI- Riester product is paid for the sales and running, while at Riester – insurance typically in the first five years, obtained the full commission. When Rürup product of Alliance GI were indeed paid for insurance commissions. On the market, however, states that Alliance Fund for their daughter had not Riester and Rürup products may advertise as much as for the corresponding own insurance.

The vast majority of the more than 13 million Riester pensions in the German market are insurance companies, fund contracts , it is 2.7 million. In contrast to the Riester pension than the current rigid Rürup pension leads with just over a million policies in the shadows .