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Royal blessing for minority government


HB THE HAGUE. On behalf of the Dutch Queen Beatrix has begun the right-wing politician Mark Rutte on Friday with the formation of a government that is dependent on the toleration of Islam opponent Geert Wilders. The 43-year-old Rutte is the first Liberal Prime Minister of the Kingdom for 92 years. Four months after the early parliamentary elections, the Netherlands will also receive first time since the Second World War in a minority government.

Deputy Prime Minister was to the former foreign minister and parliamentary leader of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), Maxime Verhagen, will Rutte said in the night to Friday. He hoped to announce the new Cabinet on Thursday. It would be so far reduced from 27 to 20 members in the future. Rutter People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the CDA will provide six ministers and four secretaries of state – even though the law at the Liberals in elections 9th June to 31 seats and thus came ten more than the Christian Democrats came.

Together with the votes of the 24 deputies from Wilders’ right-wing populist and openly anti-Muslim Freedom Party (PVV) underlying the minority cabinet to 76 seats. It has thus in the 150-seat parliament, only a majority of one vote. The early election became necessary after it was broken in February, the red-black coalition government at the controversy over the military operation in the Netherlands in Afghanistan.

Wilders’ party in the elections had become the third strongest political force. Although it is not directly involved in the minority government, but now gets a significant influence on government policy and is subject to force new elections. According to the tolerance agreement that VVD and CDA negotiated with Wilders should include a general ban on the burqa and the full body veil wearing of headscarves in public authorities adopt.

The immigration of people from Muslim and other non-Western countries will be pushed back in the next few years by 50 percent, announced Wilders. In addition, the Netherlands would continue to accept significantly less asylum seekers.

The coalition agreement between CDA and VVD provides for reductions in the state budget of 18 billion €. But to the article, cultural subsidies, development aid and the EU to the Netherlands for a total of several billion euros will be reduced. In order to achieve the savings frozen salaries of civil servants and the bureaucracy must be reduced. Several ministries will be merged, while at the same time created a separate Ministry of Integration and Asylum.