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Schäuble-outburst draws withdraw after the


The spokesman for Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), Michael Offer, has resigned. He moves so that the consequences of the use of the minister with him. The last eruption was a public reprimand and exposure Offers by Schäuble at a press conference last week in Berlin. In a terse announcement Schäuble said on Tuesday, Offer had asked him to release him from his position as speaker of the Minister: "Today, I have complied with this request." Offer has reportedly justified the move saying that he as a press officer did not have the full confidence of the minister.

On Monday afternoon Schäuble and Offer had again discussed the further cooperation. Offer Schäuble was rebuked last Thursday at a press conference for the tax due on time estimation of distributed documents before the cameras in unusually sharp form. The rude behavior of the minister with a close collaborator with the CDU and FDP had taken care of some severe criticism. In view of the vortex in the media about his performance Schäuble had then declared: "For all the justified anger I may have overreacted." This saw the incident to the government as complete.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and SPD-General Hermann Gröhe had faced Schäuble. The Chancellor had left no doubt about the leadership skills of their staff explained Finance Minister, Angela Merkel. Gröhe said: "We are all human, even if we were excellent as the Minister of Finance does without a doubt."

Also, the parliamentary secretary of the CDU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Peter Altmaier (CDU) took Schäuble in protection. He was four years Parliamentary Secretary of the Interior Schäuble’s been. The manners Schäuble were "always been marked by great mutual respect" in this time and would be lifted very well against what was sometimes reported by other ministers.

The biting sarcasm Schäuble meanwhile developed the Internet a big hit. Alone on the video sharing website YouTube to Sunday noon appearance of over 200 000 times was obtained. Also in Berlin, he is a political issue. No wonder, had Schäuble his close associates but before the TV cameras so rebuked rudely that this was not the only coalition partner FDP too much. Even the SPD is outraged and introduces himself Offer.