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Scramble for yard sales on the home stretch


Arbeiter von Hellenic Shipyards in Athen: Das Foto ist aus dem Jahr 2009 - damals wurde noch gearbeitet. Quelle: dpa

Workers from Hellenic Shipyards in Athens: The photo is made from 2009 – back then was still . Source: AP

FRANKFURT. The future of HSY with its 1200 employees is on the brink for months . Although Greece had agreed to a sale in principle in March to the Arab shipbuilder Abu Dhabi Mar, but the devil was in the details. In the drawn-out negotiations for months more and more demands placed Greece and demanded improvements.

For mid-week then the agreement was close enough to touch . Representatives of the three lots had initialed the treaty, as a spokesperson for the shipyard division Thyssen -Krupp Marine Systems ( TKMS confirmed ). Each page of the contract work with nearly 25 000 pages, was signed here by the companies and the Ministry of Defence.

Normally it is a business in the bag , and the final signatures are considered a formality. A residual risk saw Thyssen -Krupp and Abu Dhabi Mar at the time only in the absence of consent of Parliament. Members of the opposition was predictable , because the HSY – sale is politically sensitive in Greece and in debt. Part of the deal is the appointment of two new submarines at Thyssen- Krupp, to Athens so new costs to roll . Greece should also take four already ordered U – boats and sell them .

In return is an insolvency of the yard on the outskirts of the capital from the table, HSY is currently without jobs. Also, Greece can adapt to a discharge. The European Commission had promised verbally that Greece must pay back subsidies of about € 200 million , it said in the context of the negotiations. All the conditions for a contract are fulfilled.

But now the Navy shoots of Helena across. According to this TKMS now demanded renegotiations . It should be either technical details at the U -boats. Thyssen Krupp reject a renegotiation , "said the spokeswoman. Thyssen -Krupp and Abu Dhabi Mar is one reportedly very angry about the new demands. Now it is open, how to proceed.

On a final failure can no page be interested. In a bankruptcy of HSY Greece would lose a major industrial employers and also would suffer the credibility of the government. Thyssen -Krupp, however, hopes for a speedy settlement of old accounts , which would affect the result in the end of September expiring fiscal year 2009/2010 positive.