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Seehofer without backing from the Union


HB BERLIN. The CSU chairman, Horst Seehofer, reaps for its consideration of a suspension of pension with 67 more criticism in the Union camp. Saarland premier Peter Müller (CDU) warned that the debate on this controversial project does not re eröffnen.sagte Saarland premier Peter Müller, the news magazine "Der Spiegel".

"The retirement age of 67 will only take effect in 2029, and until then we will see a trend in the labor market that older workers are urgently needed again." Expressed a similar re Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU).

Seehofer had said if the companies were beginning not to employ older workers, he would put into question the extension of retirement age to 67. The SPD had said then that it would take you at your word and the CSU shall make a request in parliament for a vote.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had rejected Seehofer’s position before. It stressed that the retirement age to 67 is the correct answer to the aging of society and would be implemented.

Von der Leyen told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper: "Older unemployed people are the winners in the labor market, the number of workers over 60 has doubled in the past ten years.." Alone in the crisis year of 2009 300 000 new jobs to social insurance for people over 50 were formed. "That’s not enough, but the economy is growing recognition of how much she needs the experience and knowledge of older employees."

The deputy chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, Michael Fuchs (CDU), criticized the "mirror" Seehofer: "I think it is totally wrong, now people once again with a debate on pension at 67 worried." The social policy spokesman of the CSU parliamentary group, Max Straubinger, said: "There is no need to change the retirement age to 67 something."

Von der Leyen will 17 November, as part of the review clause provided for reporting to the pension and the present work to 67. In it there is "more light than shadows," she had said a few days ago. The number of 55-year-old worker was lying a decade ago at 28 percent – now there are 41 percent. "The elderly, the winners are in the labor market in the last ten years, although this low level." One must also do much to anchor the "life work to 67" in society.