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Several ministers boycotting the government austerity package – SZ


2010_07_20_AktenkofferSchäuble_ddp MUNICH ( Dow Jones ) – The economy package of black – yellow government is sabotaging one newspaper report, several ministries. ( Reuters photo 🙂

As the Süddeutsche Zeitung ( SZ – Tuesday edition reported ), mainly the economic and the Justice Department , but also the departments of transport , social affairs and environment are transverse. "Some ministers want to clear from what they have decided on the written examination in June, saving themselves, know nothing , "he told the SZ that in government circles.
Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble ( CDU ) should have been shown at a meeting of the CDU – Bureau massively annoyed by the behavior of Cabinet colleagues. The magazine , citing participants in the meeting on further reports , he called on all parties to maintain discipline and to implement the previous agreements. Under the previous schedule of the government target is for all savings projects poured in until the end of August bills and be approved by Federal Cabinet.
Hauptquertreiber the paper said ministers Rainer Brüderle (FDP ), whose negotiators fought mainly against the exploitation of advantages in the environmental tax. They argued that would have to pay for implementing the decisions of a company with high power consumption up to ten times more eco-tax than before. The Treasury denies this does not refer, however, that the companies concerned must currently transfer often only very small amounts to the Treasury. The federal budget in 2011 would be relieved by the cancellation of privileges by EUR 1 billion .
As much is to bring the new air traffic control , against the Brüderle moves to information of the SZ also to the field. In an internal paper of his house would be warned that the charge for the federal government to the minus business could be because passengers could avoid at airports abroad and so jobs were dropped in Germany.
Resistance to an other savings decision comes after details of the sheet from the Ministry of Justice. The House of The Minister Sabine Leutheusser – Schnarrenberger (FDP rifles ) are against the project , in the bankruptcy law the so-called privilege to introduce treasury again. The clause allows the tax , in the case of a corporate bankruptcy the first access to the bankrupt estate. Other creditors would then possibly losing. Schäuble hopes that this additional revenue of EUR 500 million a year.
The coalition also was a dispute over the proposed cuts in Sozialetat and dealing with the nuclear industry. CSU chief Horst Seehofer had on Monday rejected strictly to siphon off in the event of a lifetime extension of nuclear power plants , the additional profits of the operator of the planned fuel tax also .

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