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Tengelmann : E -commerce retail industry are increasingly influencing


HAMBURG ( Dow Jones ) – E -commerce will help determine the opinion of the manager and joint proprietor of the Tengelmann Group, the trade picture in the future decisive.

The online trade in goods will continue to experience higher growth rates than the traditional stationary trade, "said Karl -Erivan Haub on Tuesday evening at a meeting of the club Hamburg business journalists.
The retail stores are Haub and force a complicity in the development. "I see little innovation, " said the Tengelmann CEO. The Internet could be implemented as new concepts quickly. Some offers are only available on the Internet , social media platforms and smartphones via mobile commerce would completely new opportunities .
Last year 15.5 billion EUR in the trade of goods were put on the Internet. For the current year is about the Federal Association of German Mail Order ( bvh ) by an increase of 15 % to EUR 17.6 billion .
The Internet has changed the industry , so Haub . This trend will continue in his view . The pressure on the steady rise of the trade provide manager. " The share is on -line trading are borne by the off- trade, " he estimates. Haub expected as a result of a greater concentration in the range. In particular, business in C- layers will be the future of his estimation, have very serious , which should lead to a further appeal loss in the affected cities. Stationary trade in A- and B- layers would work well on the other hand even further.
The Tengelmann group reacts differently to the challenge. For one , the company operates , based in Mülheim an der Ruhr since 2001 plus.de own online shop with a non-food assortment. On the other hand has Tengelmann last year founded a daughter who participates in start- ups with Focus E -commerce and social commerce .
So far, Tengelmann minority stakes in the shoe – shop online and at Zalando brands4friends and adopted baby Markt.de . Here Haub sees himself as more " learner ". He does not consider it impossible later "in a large scale " to enter into investments. For more details , he did not name .
In contrast, Haub showed e- commerce activities of its own divisions Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Kik or Obi still cautious. When building with a garden Obi check to the possibilities for the business on the Internet. In the textile discounters Kik he sees the time is not ripe. Discount on the Internet is difficult , too big as is the discrepancy between low and high shipping costs.
Internet trade in food Haub called the other hand, as "the most serious business, there is. " The margin in the food was much lower than for non-food products. In many places, the price of food to the fore , especially the logistics for fresh products is extremely complicated. Here , the industry has a long way to go.
The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has recently launched an Internet sale of food in Germany, the Hamburg Otto consignor is currently after years of abstinence to return to the store. "I would warn against too much euphoria here , "said Haub .
Tengelmann itself has reduced in recent years, his grocery store. The latest example of the sale of the branches of the Rhine- Neckar area and is tegut to Rewe . want to separate yourself completely from the business Haub is not.
Even the much- vaunted death of the traditional department store , he does not yet come, even if the time of the " smorgasbord "approach than by considered . Tengelmann has recently acquired approximately 150 houses of the insolvent chain Woolworth . The new concept will be introduced in the fall.
The Tengelmann Group is an international corporation and has European offices in 14 countries , a network of 4357 branches, 83 655 employees and generated in the short financial year 2008 ( May-December ) had a turnover of 12.36 billion EUR.

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