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The bar as nest egg


Goldbarren wird für viele zum Spargroschen. Quelle: dpa

Gold bar is on for many small savings . Source: AP

FRANKFURT. Frank F. * annoyed. Three gold bars sold by the pensioner straight, with good profit. "I just need the money, " he complains about his plight , "or indeed if it were nonsense . " In the consulting room with the precious metal dealer Pro Aurum in Bad Homburg , he puts a good face on the matter . " In twelve months the price will be shot in the moon , "says Frank F. He actually had to sell too early. The prices run upwards. On Monday celebrated the gold can enjoy a new high of almost $ 266.50 an ounce, and thus 31.1 grams

The forced seller is an exception. "Want to buy nine out of ten of our customers , "says Karl Heinz Jockel , branch manager of Pro Aurum. Objects of desire are gold and silver , according to taste or bullion coins. Why ? The keywords of the customers are always the same: public debt, inflation concerns , currency crises, wobbling banks, stoking fears for one’s own money.

Dax board members rise of half a million times already a large

In Bad Homburg , the Krisenängstlichen for over a year, a new port of call when they want to eject a gold anchor . The inconspicuous building in the Frankfurt suburb Nobel offers for the purchase of precious metals 220 pleasantly decorated square . "Some people buy two or three coins, but there are also boards of Dax companies who buy bars for half a million , "observes Jockel. The boss here is glad that there is today something approaching calm . In early May there was intense activity around here . There was the aid package for Greece not yet put together , made a short time later in the tangled web before standing rumors of a currency reform in the euro zone made the rounds. This stoked the fears of investors.

Whoever buys here thinks often of the very big horror scenario: currency crash , chaos , social unrest , the collapse of public order and supply. Jockel knows these customers: " They buy gold here , then a range of canned food at Aldi, last but not a Pack batteries when the power goes out . " Are popular among customers the gold bars 50-500 grams Searched coins like the South African Krugerrand , Austrian Philharmonic, Australian Nuggets usually go away in the one- ounce version. Who precious metals as a pure form of investment provides the often takes the larger bars because here are the premiums on the pure gold value at least.

Many customers want to buy at higher prices further

But when customers have lost faith in the euro and fear hyperinflation , then they are happy to smaller coins. "There are more silver coins in question because they are much cheaper, which can be used in case chaos then pay at the bakery , "said Jockel.

From panic , however, can at Jenni N. from the place that buys in the store one silver coin, no question . " A birthday present , " says the young lady. Here she comes down with 20 € . It also has its own stock, worth about € 4000 . And she wants to buy more, " if prices continue to rise . " Frederick T. wants to buy more from Frankfurt. He takes today, with ten Australian nuggets and points to the settlement: 10 785 € cost him the gold coins. The front page shows each year, another kangaroo motif. "I can make as a small investor with an empty bag big jumps , "he jokes . For him, the coins a nest egg in uncertain times.

So far , buyers are well deserved. A decade ago, the bull market started at around $ 250 per ounce. To some experts, gold is simply the best currency – especially in a time of skyrocketing national debt and an unclear future for unsecured paper currency. Some analysts see gold at over $ 2,000 .

In such a scenario, Frederick T. do with his Australian Nuggets really big jumps. Most private investors however have still not taken care of gold. Jockel shakes his head. "We recommend 20 percent, " he says. " Privately I ‘ve spent even a much higher percentage of my liquid assets. "

Banks typically recommend to five percent if they ever bring gold into the game. Frank F. fire sales surprised. For him , the world is so uncertain that it represents a simple question: "What should I buy for the other 95 percent? "

* name changed by editor