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The best analysts for German stocks


FRANKFURT. Procrastination does not count: In a period of extreme volatility in the equity markets must choose one analyst. "Just to be bullish enough, not sufficient. Who differential between buying and selling decisions, had success," said Raj Shah, Product Specialist at Star Mine. The data provider has created a ranking of the best research houses for German stocks, held by the Handelsblatt.

Looking at all four major indices, the German broker better than the international cut. Even the much-default-Dax are this year Equinet and DZ Bank, two local research houses at the top of the leaderboards. In recent years, there were often global provider. Most often, BHF Bank has made it into the rankings.

The proximity to the company is

Star Mine expert Shah founded the culmination of two ways: First, make analysts German houses tend to be more buy-judgments as an international broker. This tendency has recently helped the Germans in spite of strong fluctuations increased rates. "The global broker with more rated" hold "so they gave opportunities," says Shah. German broker assigned to more than 49 percent a "Buy" rating, international houses to 47 percent.

The second reason for the success of the Local called Shah to strengthen their presence in the home market, the analysts in the country and assess more shares. For example, Warburg Research analyzed nearly 200 German stocks. Global Broker observe other hand, often only a few hundred shares in all of continental Europe. They lack often close to the companies, says Shah. Goldman Sachs and Citi about covers German equities from London.

The analysts Star Mine, part of Thomson Reuters, examined for the ranking of the accuracy of recommendations for stocks from the DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX in the last twelve months to end September and the accuracy of earnings estimates.

The best Dax analysts after stock recommendations

Most often the leader boards there is a Movers & Shakers: BHF Bank. The offered ex-Oppenheim, now German Bank subsidiary has scored in seven of eight categories. Shah of Star Mine praises because "local presence, industry expertise and deep knowledge" of the German market. Interestingly, the BHF-Bank has recently reduced its equity research even: "We focus on industrial stocks," says Björn Robens, chairman of the BHF-Bank. Shares of banks and insurance companies no longer covert, BHF Bank. A good ten analysts monitor 80 shares, especially medium and small sized companies, but also 13 Dax title. "So we have the capacity to deal deeply with these core markets," says Roberts.

In the equity recommendations for Dax-values, the analysts of Equinet have the edge. "Equinet has done well in both categories," says Shah. 42 percent of their recommendations were right, so that the Frankfurt show rank one. The revenue estimates, up to at least third place. More precisely estimated, DZ Bank, they are getting here the first place.

For midsize and smaller values, the dominance of local brokers is traditionally stronger. In four of the six categories occupy the first local brokerage ranks. For MDAX but gave the French CA Cheuvreux make the best recommendations, lamp bank wins the earnings estimates. In SDax, analysts and the banking house of Warburg light ahead, the TecDAX, UBS and WestLB.