Home News Tognum has met annual targets for 2009, probably

Tognum has met annual targets for 2009, probably


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The plant and engine builders have Tognum its targets for its fiscal year probably reached. This emerges from a presentation that Chief Financial Officer Joachim Coers on Tuesday at an investor conference in New York will present.
Accordingly, the Friedrichshafen MDAX Group expects that, 2009, the Sales drop to 15% limited to 20% and an adjusted EBIT margin of 6% to 9% have achieved. In addition, the manufacturer of engines for trains will, Tanks, boats and construction vehicles, and decentralized energy systems on 11 March show a positive, adjusted earnings per share.
2008 Tognum had revenues of EUR 3.13 billion and an adjusted operating profit of EUR 407 million achieved. The margin was 13.0%. The Tognum AG, the adjusted earnings figures include write-on Acquisitions and currency effects.