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Toyota wants to develop Tesla electric car prototypes


So wird ein Tesla Model S aufgeladen. Der Elektroauto-Pionier soll für Toyota zwei Elektrofahrzeuge bauen. Quelle: Reuters

Such a Tesla Model S is being charged . The electric car pioneer to build two electric vehicles for Toyota . Source: Reuters

HB NAGOYA . By the end of the month , the two prototypes will be delivered, Tesla said on Friday. They would ToyotaCars with electric drives of Tesla connect . Which ToyotaModels it is, would not say a Tesla spokesman. The two companies outlined the framework of an alliance for the first time they had already forged in May.

ToyotaPresident Akio Toyoda had previously announced during a tour of U.S. journalists in Nagoya Japanese plant , the world leader wanted to experiment with the process used by Tesla lithium -ion batteries. It could be an alternative to using Toyota self-developed , to be custom-fit their cars batteries. The electric small car by Toyota 2012 will be on the market . "We shall see which of the two approaches meet the needs of customers better , "said Toyoda .

Toyota is now keen to increase his tarnished image after numerous callbacks again. His flagship Prius hybrid had Toyota back in the workshops . To his reputation in the U.S. again polish , participated Toyota with 50 million dollars to the successful IPO of Tesla End of June. In the run , the two automakers , however, had initially caused confusion.

After they made public their alliance in late May , Tesla rowed back a little later. It had simply been a declaration of intent, do not give a formal contract it. The cooperation with Toyota many doubted , therefore .

The Japanese were now open to other partnerships. "It is difficult for one company alone to develop an environmentally friendly technology, "said Toyota vicePresident Shinichi Sasaki. He described the approach of Tesla, to use commercially available battery components, namely as " shocking ". He acknowledged, but also that this is the cost of Toyota could significantly reduce the system should pass the quality tests.

Several major car manufacturers were last sealed cooperation , also to future technologies such as electric drives ready for production to bring . The Stuttgart DaimlerGroup develops with Tesla , among other vehicle batteries, lithium -ion basis.

Tesla is one of the few car manufacturers in the world, already offers electric cars. By early May, the only six year old company claims to be world’s approximately 1,000 pieces of approximately 84 000 € expensive sports car sold Roadster, whose batteries are recharged through regular power outlets. The car accelerates in 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 km per hour. This creates only a handful of luxury sports cars.