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Transnet chief tries to be a rabble-rouser


DÜSSELDORF. With the decision on Tuesday to destroy nation-wide rail customers with neither geographically nor temporally closer clarified strikes all travel plans, Kirchner misses plenty of powder in the negotiations about a single sectoral collective agreement for railroad rail transport.

The union leader intended to avoid wage dumping of train drivers and train crew on the smaller tracks. What is surprising in the industry that Kirchner with the demand of "equal pay for all in all ways" refuse all negotiation opportunities. This may be due to the stress because Transnet is currently in the sensitive way, to merge with its sister organization GDBA for railway workers and transport unions. Or it is the guerrilla war with the train drivers’ union GDL, which the two major organizations withdrew en masse members.

It Kirchner is an intelligent pragmatist who knows the world path from scratch. In his union career, he was there, as predecessor Norbert Hansen, the sides and joined with Deutsche Bahn director was working. Hardly conceivable that a man like Kirchner could also go that route. He would probably think that is a betrayal of the union cause.