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U.S. bonds tend firmly in late trading


NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – In search of security, investors bought Treasuries on Friday and sold shares. In late trading rose to a ten-year book coupons of 3.375% at 16/32 to 97-18/32, and yielded 3.67%. The compounded with 4.375% Long bond gained 24/32 to 96-22/32. Its yield was at 4.58%.

The latest economic data would be about the extent of economic recovery doubts and reduces the likelihood of a rate hike in the coming months. Reporting day, the consumer prices were reported, which had risen in December by 0.1% and were thus less than analysts expected. Calculated over the full year, inflation was 2.7%, the core rate, however, only 1.8%. The lower core rate tends to suggest that the risk of inflation was in check, participants said. With the clock at 16.00 CET notified the University of Michigan consumer sentiment, the prices rose further. The index rose to 72.8, while analysts had expected the index level at 74th
Having been the prices as well as the smooth running of auctions a week. Total volume of titles in the U.S. $ 84 billion had come to the market. With the strong demand, worries have been dispelled bolster the buying interest could respond to the high bid.

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