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U.S. investors want to take Karstadt and Kaufhof – BamS


2010-03-21_karstadt_kaufhof_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – comes in the German retail According to a newspaper report it may be a larger Fusion. According to information of "Bild am Sonntag" (Bild am Sonntag) U.S. investors are not only insolvent 120 Karstadt department stores, but Moreover, the 113 Galeria Kaufhof department stores of Metro page. (Photo: ddp)

A spokesman for Metro AG, which itself over the past year Had interest in purchasing Karstadt, told the newspaper: "Regardless of the Receivers, we speak with many interested parties who such a Want to do business like. There is currently no concrete but Sales calls. "
Kaufhof is in Metro still negotiable. The insolvent Karstadt department store chain with 26,000 employees still need to  End of April to find a new owner to ensure that the budget of Insolvency administrator can access.

Rolf Weidmann, the commissioner of the liquidators for the  Karstadt department stores, Karstadt considers to survive. "Karstadt  has its value. The company is currently in the black, is  have a high equity ratio. A true entrepreneur has enormous Opportunities to generate long term profits, "he told the newspaper.

Website: www.bild.de

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