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Ukrainian winter wheat is in good condition


2010-12-16_Weizen_ddp MOSCOW (Dow Jones) – Ukrainian winter wheat stands on an area of 4.54 million ha (56% of the total area) by a good level of development (as of January 13). (Photo: Reuters)

For 3 million ha (37%) said the Ministry of Agriculture made a satisfactory assessment of 530 000 ha (6.6%) poor. Winter wheat appears to 57.4% of the area in good condition, to 36.3% in a satisfactory and to 6.3% in poor condition.

Although the area planted with winter cereals is 5.5% below last year, wants to harvest in Ukraine in 2011 but 24 million to 25 million tonnes of winter grain harvest – that would be 15% to 20% more than in 2010. As a basic calling Ukraine Hydro Meteorological Center that the cereal was in a better condition than last year.

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