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Union rejects Lex Opel


realität oder Fata Morgana? Staatshilfen für Opel stehen in der 
Kritik. Quelle: dpa

reality or mirage? State aid for Opel stand in for criticism. Source: Reuters

gof, hz, luf, saf, sig BERLIN / BRUSSELS. After the economic committee of the Bundestag has also the Opel works behind the claims made by the Federal Government, the parent company General Motors must make a greater contribution remediation. "Since GM Opel has not sold, the group must invest significantly more into the company, especially in new products as well as engines and transmissions, "said Opel’s central works council head Klaus Franz in Rüsselsheim. The vice-chairman of Opel’s supervisory board as well as holding the federal government has GMOwn-label share of 50 percent or 1.65 billion euros to be appropriate.

According to information provided by Handelsblatt, the federal government requires GMThat the U.S. automakers have to take place the offered 600 million euros at least half of the estimated 3.3 billion euros on restructuring costs for the European subsidiaries themselves. Francis also notes that this contribution is appropriate. Opel Managing Director Nick Reilly had claims for a higher GMContributed repeatedly rejected on the grounds that Opel is a European company. GM has applied to the EU countries with Opel / Vauxhall works state aid totaling 2.7 billion euros. Of these, only 1.5 billion euros from Germany to come – as guarantees of federal and state governments with Opel sites.

Following a decision from Brussels, Berlin can not hope for it. Contrary to what the government called to the competition watchdog the European Union on the restructuring plan by GM not again take a position. "It is not for the Commission, reorganization, restructuring or reviewing concepts on their suitability," confirmed the spokesperson for Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia. His predecessor, Neelie Kroes had submitted in late 2009 an assessment of the plan and found no evidence of an impending market distortions. The latest concept did not differ seriously from that time said in Brussels.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs said there was still in the concept of "some open issues." On Monday, the guarantee of federal and state committee discussed the GMConcept. Before looking statements could be made about the state of play, but it must also the review by the mandatary, to wait in this case, the auditors from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Thuringia’s prime minister, Christine Lieberknecht called "the discussions and negotiations should take place specifically at last, at all levels, for Opel, the locations and especially the employees need clarity about the future." Federal and state governments must agree on a common approach, which would have made it clear the affected countries, "said Lieberknecht the Handelsblatt. The evaluation of the concept would rapidly lead the way, any flaws will be discussed and resolved. The time run, "said Lieberknecht, located in the province an Opel location.

This paper present a report of the Ministry of the Economy Committee of the Bundestag, summarizes the main points of criticism. Thereafter, especially "the fundamental question of the adequacy of the contribution by GM shareholders," called into question. GM Detailed had not said anything about this yet, it says.

The Union parliamentary group also expressed doubts whether GM Receive state funds for the rehabilitation of Opel from Germany Fund may. "I have the gravest doubts that the application of General Motors Germany meets the requirements of funds, "said) Union Group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU the Handelsblatt. Opel had already been put before the outbreak of the financial crisis in trouble." Under no circumstances shall it be an Opel Lex to the rules of the Germany Fund over, "said Fuchs . The economic policy spokesman of the CDU, Joachim Pfeiffer, stressed that the GMConcept still leave a dozen open questions.