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Wall Street recovers from Bernanke statements


HB NEW YORK. Latest news shake the U.S. stock exchanges through . A sales warning from the U.S. chip giant Intel and skeptical comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to the U.S. economy , the Wall Street on Friday temporarily put under pressure. After a friendly trade opening shot all three major Indices into the red , recovered partially but shortly thereafter again.

The Dow Jones index of the default values was about 45 Minutes after the start of trading 0.2 percent increase in 10 006 Points. The broader S & P 500 was unchanged at 1047 meters. The index of technology exchange Nasdaq traded at a discount of 0.15 percent at 2117 points.  Intel had previously surprising its sales forecast for the third quarter reduced. The demand for computers in Industrialized countries is weaker than expected , it was said to Justification. The statement stressed , other tech values worldwide , such as the German Infineon.

Bernanke said shortly after the market opened , the Fed is on further support for the business prepared , if should be necessary. He anticipated that the economy in the second half continue to increase , but only with a moderate pace.

To start trading had new economic data, the unsettled investors some reassurance . The growth of the U.S. economy slowed in the second quarter, while 1.6 Percent, after an initial estimate to 2.4 percent had been estimated . Experts , however, had an even stronger revision to 1.4 percent expected.