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Westerwelle crisis remains spared Party


Außenminister Westerwelle bekommt Gegenwind aus den eigenen Reihen.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle gets wind of their own ranks.

HB BERLIN. FDP leader Guido Westerwelle is in their own ranks to remain under pressure, though he saves a special party congress voted out of his remains. The Hessian Liberal defused at its convention this weekend in Künzell Although the application of a local chapter, which had called for criticism of Westerwelle a party crisis. The party leadership must put but also in the altered version of sharp criticism. FDP-state leader Joerg-Uwe Hahn expressed doubt that Westerwelle has grown to its dual role as party leader and foreign minister. The FDP faction leader in parliament, Birgit Homburger did, however, the CSU for the bad image of the coalition responsible.

The Hessian FDP National Association sees the blame on the other hand, at least in part by his own party tip: Since the success of the federal strategic, conceptual and tactical errors were made. External representation, communication and dealing with each other are deficient in coalition and the party. "This is for the Liberals a dramatic situation arose to go to the lost identity of the FDP threat," it says in the complaint.

The Hessian of FDP is now asking federal parliamentary party and an explanation of when and how the liberal core points to be implemented in the coalition agreement. The successes liberal governance should be represented offensive. "The Hessian FDP expects the party and party leadership in the federal government and the coalition partners to ensure a united position and dealing appropriately in public," the party congress. The programmatic profile of the FDP had again clearly and lost confidence must be regained.

In surveys, the FDP has recently tumbled to five percent.

"Many in the party doubted that Westerwelle the party chairmanship and the Office of the Secretary of State may at the same meet," said Hesse state leader Hahn the "mirror". Also board member Alexander Pokorny complained that the party chief’s offices still do not get under one hat. On a written exam on 27 and 28 June to discuss the party and Group Executive Board on the strategic reorientation of the FDP.

Federal Executive Board Wolfgang Kubicki attacked the party leadership. In the current situation not only Westerwelle was responsible, others are also in demand. "As we went around the Hartz-IV-debate, the rest of the force has struck in the bushes," he told the "Focus". The key challenge, however, slept through the party.

In the biggest economic crisis in 60 years it is not sufficient to position itself as a tax cut party. Instead, the FDP would have had to quickly formulate clear rules for financial markets and limiting executive pay at banks.

Group Head Homburger dismissed the criticism of Westerwelle’s dual role as party leader and foreign minister. "This is very compatible," she told the Tagesspiegel am Sonntag. No one does it come up with the idea to ask whether unite Angela Merkel, the Office of the Chancellor with her role as CDU leader could. Homburger accused the CSU, to have torpedoed the policy of the Federal Government. The regular wind had not come from the ranks of the coalition in Berlin, but by the CSU in Munich.

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on the other hand relaxed on the condition of the government alliance. "This coalition is robust and grow with the economy package," the CDU politician of the "Business Week". The accusation that he had brought to her Steuersenkungsversprechen the FDP and thus promoted the crash of the Liberals, he refused. "Sometimes the truth hurts. But I am not to blame for the truth.