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What Alain Delon accumulates Drawings


Wem das Motiv bekannt vorkommt, liegt richtig. Man Ray hat 
"Noire et blanche" gezeichnet (Ausschnitt). Sein berühmtes 
Foto heißt "Kiki de Montparnasse avec masque Baoulé".

If that sounds familiar motif that is correct. Man Ray’s "Noire et Blanche drawn") (excerpt. His famous photo is called "Kiki de Montparnasse avec masque Baoulé.

PARIS. The Paris for 18 years extremely successful show for hand drawings "Salon du dessin" unites of 25 to 29 March in the stock market 39 exhibitors. Thanks to its quality, the visitor density and buying power of collectors, it remains unique. 19 gallery owners come from France, 20 from abroad, including five German: Arnoldi-Livie, Katrin Bellinger, Bernd Klüser from Munich, Thomas Le Claire and Martin Moeller from Hamburg. Seven Englishmen, including Agnew’s, Jean-Luc Baroni, Day & Faber, Stephen Ongpin, three Americans, according a Belgian, Austrian, Swiss, Italians and Spaniards take care of the coveted, diverse offerings.

As usual, several booths were sold out an hour after opening, the beginning to 25 percent. The word "crisis" is indeed pronounced, but well-known collectors such as Jean Bonna in Geneva or Georges Pébereau from Paris to buy with enthusiasm and with knowledge that it needs to access quickly on this highly specialized exhibition. Also, the market barometer, the American collectors and museums, went back to very numerous and were of enthusiastic.

Delon collects Rembrandt

As a special "trick" to present the Paris gallery organizing a portion of the drawing collection of film actor Alain Delon. In a darkened extra space gives the avid collectors for decades Delon insight into his by the Italians of the 16th Century on Rembrandt to the French of the 19th and 20 Century, reaching leaves. The drawings, specializing in contemporary Sammlerpaar Daniel and Florence Guerlain donates a prize for the third time a candidate for the German Thomas Mueller, and especially with Conrad in Dusseldorf issued Belgian Catharina van Eetvelde and Frenchman Dove Allouche.

Since the parallel to the "Salon" organized exhibitions of contemporary drawings Topgalerien attract more international, the "Salon du dessin expanded" since 2009 its temporal extension of up to contemporary art. Like last year, participate Thaddeus Ropac, the Galerie de France, and Karsten Greve (all of Paris) and Bernd Klüser. Karsten Greve has hung a 85 x 69.8 cm large sheet of Cy Twombly from 1971 to 600 000. It is cutting edge, as on 26 March in the Louvre designed by Twombly, more than 300 sq. ft. room ceiling, "The Ceiling", will be officially opened by the U.S. art dealer Larry Gagosian at his Paris gallery opening subsidized.

Caspar David Friedrich too cheap at auction

Among the drawings of the 17th Century is seen in many leaves this year, by Giovanni Battista Barbieri, called Guercino, from the example Katrin Bellinger, Munich, a pen-ink drawing, which shows two warriors who once sold. Also Tiepolo, father and son, are found at many booths from 30,000 euros. At the 19th Century stands out now priced Victor Hugo, from the Arturo Cuellar from Zurich, a great city view for 1.4 million euro shows. A woman’s portrait by Edgar Degas (1856) Cuellar is priced at 800,000 euros. When the Parisians Talabardon & Gautier’s portrait of the brother of Degas, René De Gas is already sold. Talabardon & Gautier already gave off a lovely water color: a by Alphonse de Labrou painted portrait on ivory of Caspar David Friedrich. This just makes for unrest in the French media since it was assessed by an auctioneer in Cannes completely false and far too cheaply struck.

Arnoldi-Livie has a wide ranging choice in time, stand out from an Edward Coley Burne-Jones for 380,000 Euro plus VAT, and a gouache by Marc Chagall at the same price special. For Ernst Ludwig Kirchner drawing "Erna yawn" of 1913 must be at the Munich 52.000 euro count. A special treat at Patrick Derom (Brussels) is a drawing from 1926 by Man Ray, whose motive is known as the photo: "Kiki de Montparnasse avec masque Baoulé" works through the black-white contrast of the skin and the mask. The [imported from the U.S.] spring will cost 125,000 euros. Oskar Schlemmer for a drawing, "threes", the study of a North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection located in the painting, expected Derom 75,000.

Paris is one week the navel of the world for hand drawings. The summons follows the Salon exhibition of modern drawings in the Carrousel du Louvre, with 62 exhibitors and Richelieu in the studio with 20 galleries.

Salon du dessin
Palais de la Bourse, 24 – 29 March
Salon du dessin contemporain
Carrousel du Louvre, 25 – 28 March
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Atelier Richelieu, 26 – 29 March