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Why get thousands Tintin €


Hergé: "Tim und Struppi im Kongo" - diese Zeichnung hatte Hergé 1959 seinem Patensohn gewidmet. (Bild: Hergé - Moulinsart 2010)

Hergé : Tintin in the Congo "- this drawing Hergé had devoted his godson in 1959 . (Photo: Hergé – Moulinsart 2010)

PARIS. They are the heroes of comic books in demand . They are called Tintin or German Tintin, Asterix and Obelix , Gaston Lagaffe , Batman or Little Nemo. For a hundred years, they fire the imagination of children and adolescents. More mature semester inspire themselves to the lascivious erotic drawings by Moebius (Jean Giraud , born 1938). His figures exceed the limits of science fiction and experience the transformation from man to woman or vice versa hallucinatory.

The comic is extremely popular . The show not only current auction prices and the upcoming solo exhibition of Moebius in the Paris Fondation Cartier .

The successful comic album of the year 2010 provided by the former French foreign and later prime minister Dominique de Villepin, the model for the hero in a political novel images . The Artist and the author Christophe Blain Abel Lanzac invented with " Quai d’ Orsay " a place where reigns the narcissistic ranting Foreign Minister Alexandre Taillard de Worms. The publisher Dargaud reported just 100,000 copies printed : a real affair, even without the sex and corruption.

The buyers of the Paris spring auctions to 95 percent were male , 27-70 years old. "They come from all social classes , "said Eric Leroy of the specialist auction house Artcurial . " The objects acquire more than 100 000 € CEOs or comics dealers. "

Witzig had to watch the 30 -year-old bidder in knee length pants, spend the loose 3000 € per album. From 300 000 € Hergé ruled alone. Other authors do not have its strong market position and are still relatively affordable.

Full-page watercolor paintings of the painter, graphic artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal on 05/06/2010 at Artcurial cost up to 27 500 € . To 37 500 € came Hugo Pratt’s watercolor " Corto Maltese mother " of 1976, which had published the publishing house Casterman in 2005. For Pratt’s ink drawing with watercolor the cover image for " Corto Maltese in Siberia "in 1979 were impressive , however, on 21.11.2009 247 800 € due.

Comic Strips as a visionary portrait of its time

Many authors of successful comic strips capture their era as a Visionaries in text and image, point to social relationships and share the adventures of their heroes in real or imaginary cities architecturally .

The genre of literature was marked the end of the 19th Century in the Sunday supplements of the New York papers and quickly became a global , urban and economic phenomenon. Since the 1930s, the French and Belgian publishers Casterman, Dargaud Dupuis and dominate the industry with their comic artist Hergé (Georges Remi, 1907-1983) and his series " The Adventures of Tintin ", with André Franquin (1924-1997 ) and Gaston Lagaffe ", Or with René Goscinny (1926-1977) and Albert Uderzo (born 1927) and "Asterix and Obelix ".

The current trend is away from the traditional page layout with balloons in the direction of the full-page illustration, as for example the Frenchman Enki Bilal maintains . " The comics are based on the contemporary art and vice versa , "is the thesis of the former head of the comics festival in Angoulême , Jean -Marc Thévenet . He will work out at the Biennale of Contemporary Art of Le Havre, the artistic character of contemporary comics.

Thévenet also responsible for the current exhibition at the Paris museum of architecture . Here he presents the importance of urban architecture for the aesthetics of the comics since 1907 dar.

Comics as an alternative to contemporary

"The sale of original comic leaves replaced the acquisition of contemporary art, which for many purses too expensive ", says expert Thevenet . Eric Leroy of the auction house Artcurial -Briest – Poulain – F.Tajan the same experience has made. Leroy comic auctions organized for years and made the world’s leading auction house Artcurial in this area.

The annual turnover of € 7.6 million for the comic segment of 2008 meant an improvement of 152 percent compared to 2007. In the crisis year 2009, there were then only 4.9 million € comic sales.

Enough money to call the Belgians from Moulinsart SA on the plan. The administrator of the reproductive rights of Hergé had implemented in 2009 in Belgium with a Hergé and Tintin auction 1.2 million € . 29 May d.J. they organized with the Paris Auktionatorengruppe piasa a Hergé – auction , in which 228 lots could settle with drawings, watercolors , albums, and sculptures for a million euros. Moulinsart specialist Marcel Wilmet that the leaves would not and albums from the collections of Moulinsart , for this "sell nothing and buy nothing. "

Artcurial , somewhat incensed by the Franco- Belgian competition, followed on 5 June with 675 Comiclosen , which brought 1.3 million euros. The highest award of € 243 750 granted to a dealer for the original of a piasa Hergé double page from the book "King Ottokar’s Sceptre " of 1939.

The charming watercolor " Tim and the shells , "which Hergé in 1947 for a friend as a birthday gift , painted was from piasa for 131 250 € . Figures fall far below the world record of 764 000 euros for a water-colored title page, the Artcurial in the boom year of 2008 for "Tintin in America " won the 1932 and since then holds .

In relation to that record , the price of € 3 million was outrageous, dJ the two Brussels dealer since January required at the Brussels BRAFA fair for a watercolor " Tintin " – title page. Many bonuses remain five digits . Alexandre took one million for 369 lots an almost 867 000 euros, including buyer’s premium . Top lots was 31 500 € 120 x 80 cm canvas of Serpieri " Volupté / lust . It represents a dressed Lying bare , oversized buttocks on display.

Rising prices attract thieves. was broken in early June Moulinsart in a warehouse. By Hergé that nothing has been stolen, the Moulinsart specialist Marcel Wilmet stressed explicitly and plays down the importance of theft. " The fakes are a bigger problem than theft , "said Wilmet and announced the composition of a Committee for the authentication of the original leaves.

Discreet acted towards the end of the Second World War, an employee of the printing press , which Herge’s "King Ottokar’s Sceptre "printed : He stole 20 double pages of drawings. Calmly , he waited 30 years before the crime was barred. Since the late 1970s, he sold an original by one at prices beginning at only modest exceptions .


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