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XETRA-MITTAG/DAX treading water – Analyst drive Siemens


2010-09-16_Mittag FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The German stock market occurs on Thursday already the fourth consecutive day on the spot. It therefore not surprising that market participants at noon by a pulse- free business report . There are other Asset classes, some strong movements. (Photo : German Stock Exchange)

Thus, the euro against the dollar during the same time slot by more than 3 U.S. cents risen . Even before Weeks ago, this would be considered an increased risk appetite of investors interpreted been , which would have led to purchases in the stock market. Currently, the stock market seems immune to these influences. The DAX lost to 13.21 clock 0.1% or 5 points to 6257 .
" We are in the DAX again at the top of the old Margin arrive, what to be cautious investors provides "a market participant should . However , the brand of 6,300 Points will elapsed is from with reinforced buying interest the Eurex before the major expiration date on the derivatives exchange to be expected.
For new impetus during the day should the upcoming Economic data provide . The first of these interest rate decision Swiss National Bank ( SNB). Observers expect that the monetary authorities which serve as key interest target rate for the Three -month Libor in the face of other short-term uncertainty for The Swiss economy must first be left at 0.25%. Goldman Sachs expects the first lift in December.
After recently seen soaring Swiss francs should , therefore, the statements of the SNB to intervene in the foreign exchange market attracting serious interest. In the early hours of Wednesday , the Bank had of Japan for the first time since 2004 in the foreign exchange market intervention and strong exchange rate losses in the also recent strong increase Yen provided.
From the USA in the afternoon , the initial claims for Unemployment insurance benefits expected. Economists expect an increase of 9,000 within a week . By Philly Fed Index is also the second regional Leading indicator for the U.S. in September on the program. Here is Economists’ consensus on an increase to 0.0 from minus 7.7 points in Previous month. On Wednesday it was the counterpart for the region of New York released, the stock brokers slightly disappointed .
Next week, then stand the anticipated Interest rate decision by the U.S. central bank. "There in October is no meeting give the monetary authorities will , then this is the last meeting before the Congressional elections in the United States. If the central bank before that is still their wants to extend quantitative monetary policy, or must they be the in next week do , "said the dealer.
Is supported , the DAX by Siemens , which rose by 3.7 % at 78.63 EUR . down Goldman Sachs ( GS) added the stock to "Conviction Buy List " taken with a target of 126 EUR – and with a Upside potential of around 65 % to the previous day ‘s closing price . GS sees the Capital goods sector as one of the main beneficiaries of a higher Fixed investment driven recovery in the coming year . Especially Siemens was established in the sector well and have the opportunity to next cycle, an above average turnover and Earnings growth generate . Analysts at Morgan Stanley had the morning, the target for the stock up taken to 105 EUR .
classified as slightly stressful for the price of Deutsche Post a trader , a report of the " FAZ "field. Which stipulates that Logistics for postage for retail in 2011 is likely to . reduce This resulted from the current procedures for Porto fixing by the Federal Network Agency. Reason is the low Inflation crisis of 2009 of less than one percent. "The s been a disappointment , "said one trader. For last have the German Post announced plans to raise the fees. The stock tends to 1.0% minus at 13.31 EUR .
Guessing the mood on the German stock market over the Motives for the bid for the Spanish Actividades de Construcción y Servicios (ACS ) for Hochtief. The construction company of the Iberian Peninsula in the morning eight of its own shares for five Shares of German competitor offers . The offer represents almost 56 EUR per Hochtief shares and was considered disappointing by traders classified . Alone , the Australian subsidiary of German construction group is 60 EUR per share value .
"I think that Spaniards with this offer have not come once to a share of 50 % in Hochtief , "says one Analyst who by name should not be mentioned . Even before the Make the Offer was ACS just under 30 % of Hochtief. They contend that the offer in view of the lack of cash component easy-to- unattractive. The MDAX- listed share up 3.3% to 58.21 EUR , after it was implemented in early trading on the high of 62.22 EUR .

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