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XETRA-START/Etwas easier – Sky Germany a break


2010-08-03_Morgen FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – A little lighter on Tuesday morning, the courses tend to the German stock market. The papers of Sky Germany after re- breaking a capital increase, the pay channel. For the DAX is 9.45 clock against a loss of 0.2 % or 15 points on 6277 to book. (Photo : Dt. Börse)

Slight gains in late U.S. trade can be translated in the German market is no longer in a continuation of the recent rally.
Technically the same is the Year of 26 April at 6341.52 points, the next target for the DAX. Supports a trader sees the index now stands at the highs of last week at 6,250 points. In the afternoon, should the interest paid to the orders of the U.S. industry in June.
Sky break Germany by 21.4 % to 1.11 EUR one . This is the lowest level since the 28th October 2008. The pay channel will get fresh capital again . At least 340 million EUR will take the group to strengthen its own financial situation and the development of program and service.
As bought time again judged Frank Neumann of the lamp bank since going under the name "First" is now seventh capital increase for pay channel. The fresh money safe while the funding for the years 2010 and 2011. The end of next year, the company must then write on an operating basis in the black. News Corp, Dow Jones and the news agency and that such a part, is at present involved with Sky Germany 45.42 %.
German postal increase by 2.4% to 13.83 EUR . The Group has increased its profit forecast for 2010 to 1.9 billion to EUR 2.1 billion from the previous 1.6 billion to 1.9 billion EUR. Per- Ola Hellgren praised by the Landesbank Baden – Württemberg in particular the surprisingly good performance of the mail business and recommends the post- shares for sale.
BMW drag by 4.3 % to 43.56 EUR , also driven by strong quarterly numbers. The rest of the market for luxury cars has the Munich in the second quarter revenue growth of 18.4 %. The net profit has increased sixfold even BMW . Daimler set by 0.4 % to 41.55 EUR .
Fresenius Medical Care ( FMC ) give slightly. The dialysis provider has its after-tax earnings in the second quarter, the consensus forecast of analysts slightly exceeded , and reaffirms the previous years predictions. The shares of FMC’s parent company, Fresenius hardly move . The Health Care Group increased in the second quarter of the year as its sales by 14.8% and profits by 21.7 %.
Continental profit with an increase of 1.8% to 50.74 EUR assume that the bank HSBC has increased the target price to 70 from 53 EUR . Continental is expected to increase their forecasts in the second half of the year again , the current goals are too low, says the bank.
In the second row Singulus be after the release of quarterly figures traded 4.9% lower at 4.26 EUR . The system manufacturer is located in the solar business in his own words back behind their own plans. Pfeiffer Vacuum to give quarterly figures by 1.8 % according to 61 EUR .
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